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We are proud to work with an organization such as Trafficking hope.  Human Trafficking is an atrocity and we're glad to do our part to help inform the public. To see a live view visit

Creative Direction // Design

A start up company located in Baton Rouge. Gulf Global Impex LLC, an international trading company dealing in various recyclable materials including but not limited to Plastic, Rubber, Detergents, Soaps, and Additives.   We specialize in developing and implementing systems to reduce or eliminate disposal costs associated with by-products by diverting waste from landfills. To see a live view of Media Mix's design visit

Beaucoup Designs

Creative Direction // Design

The Story of Beaucoup Designs is also my Leah Ann Messer's personal story. This line and her life are about keeping true to the things you hold dear and trying to incorporate them as a part of your everyday life. In life we must step back, reflect, and choose those things that we know to be true and beautiful.


 Faith. Family. Relationships. These are things that represent truth and beauty to me. To see a live view of Media Mix's design visit

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