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Vito Cheong and I began working together when we were both just getting started in our business. As things would have it, we have grown our businesses together.


He has been an exceptional creative addition in every aspect of marketing Beaucoup Designs, Merci Beaucoup and Piperfields. Vito/Media Mix has done everything from creating logos and business cards to developing web sites, designing and administrating marketing plans for magazine and print advertising. He has also done our photography and layout for catalogs and marketing material.  There are not enough words to say how much this man has built into and supported my company.  His integrity and work ethic are unsurpassed and he is personally a delight to work with. His enthusiasm for the things we are doing, as well as his relationship with all those who work with me, is without measure.  I can truly say that he is a vital part of Beaucoup Designs. It is rare to find someone who has both the creative eye and a business mind. When you add those things with his investment into my company, and his work ethic you have a rare jewel. I am privileged to walk along side this amazing individual and am honored to give you a glimpse into Media Mix and Vito Cheong.


Leah Ann Messer

Owner and designer  of Beaucoup Designs, Merci Beaucoup and Piperfields

Baton Rouge, LA

Over the past five years, I have gotten to know Vito Cheong and his company, Media Mix, through my position at Merci Beaucoup and Beaucoup Designs. During this time period, Vito has worked on various projects including logo design, web design and maintenance, product photography and advertising design.


There are several things that set Media Mix apart from other vendors. Vito is personally committed to ensuring the final product meets our specifications. He is able to achieve this through his computer design skills and creative ability. Vito also meets our deadlines and is always willing to do what it takes, even if something unexpected comes up or needs to be changed at the last minute. However, it’s not just Vito’s technical skills (which are many!) that make Media Mix unique.  In my opinion, what really makes Media Mix stand out from others is Vito’s professional integrity. He always follows through on what he says he will do, communicates honestly and is dedicated to making sure his clients are happy. I would highly recommend Media Mix to anyone who has graphic design or marketing needs.


Robin Silverman

Human Resources and Administrative Manager



Long before I was able hire Vito Cheong, we had great talks about creative projects.  So, it has been very satisfying to put some legs to those conversations and hire him for a variety of projects.  He brings the “Wow!” to the designing process and just as importantly, he brings a calm and steady professionalism to each endeavor.


I count him as a solid partner in the satisfaction my client’s experience and a big part of my company’s success over the last five years.


Jo Ellen Lyons



When I started my business I knew I needed a good logo. I spent a lot of time fooling around with different ideas myself but just couldn't get it right. After wasting too much time I gave up on my own and went to Media Mix. Vito sat down with me and helped talk me through what I really wanted, and in no time at all he had a great, sharp logo. He also put together a very crisp business card for me. I am very happy with the services I have received from Media Mix and Vito Cheong.


Joshua Henderon

Henderson Consulting

Baton Rouge, LA

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